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Since August 2020, the Academy has been developing a new service called 'Get Sorted', which is proving to be an excellent package for these times.


'Get Sorted' Program is.....

a) A one to one assessment talk which will give you an insight into your state of being in the present moment. This is vitally important so you know what is actually going on in your real world now, both within and around you. This can give you incredible clarity just in itself so you can start to improve your performance in all areas of your life straight away

b) Training materials for you to study online or offline in your own time at home

c) A three month weekly chat program which will show you how to apply and recognise the learnings you have been show and taught in stages a) and b).

Click below for testimonials for 'Get Sorted' and other projects that the EDM has developed over the years. Please email info@energydynamic.co.uk to book an appointment to discuss joining the program.
































Swansea Social Services. 29/05/19

        'People are feeling this. Can we train some staff?'


Probation Llanelli 18/06/19

      'We are looking for new ideas and this looks great.'

            Community Cafe in Trostre 24/06/19

'This has blown my mind. Lets put on a workshop!'

MIND Llanelli 11/07/19

'Powerful and strong visual learning'

Info Day for public Llanelli 12/07/19

'Excellent. Informative. Encouraging'

I was at a demo on Monday on Jennifer Foster's Energy Dynamic Model. I was particularly excited by this model/framework as it is so closely aligned to the principals of my innovation training because it evidences creativity through imagination.

With elements on animal power needs and human power needs, I see how this reflects well established models and theory. What's great about this model is the simplicity and the tools that allow physical interaction to understand how human beings work and what happens at levels of interaction between people.

I'm looking forward to training in this model so I can officially reference it within the innovation training and within the Online Innovation Library.

As we talked, I appreciated how applicable this is to Leadership Skills, which is an area Jennifer Foster is currently focusing on.'


Innovator, Lisa Davies 2019, Princes Risborough

Phone : 0790 3820950

email info@energydynamic.co.uk.

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