Programs for 20/21

Since August 2020, the Academy has been developing several new ways to learn and apply the EDM knowledge, whatever your situation or budget. These are:


1) 'Clear Your Swamp': The beginners home study course which contains all the valuable information in the EDM as well as a workbook and 16 video exercises so you can practise at home. Great for people who want to : reduce stress, understand mental health conditions, understand what 'consciousness' means and see what human nature really is. Click here to find out more.

2) Classes for students following the 'Clear Your Swamp' program, ex students or students who are enrolled on the online Academy. These weekly zoom classes are taught by Jennifer on a topic ( see the timetable) for 30 mins, and then there is an opportunity to ask questions / trouble shoot your situation for 90 mins. Please note: Up to 10 students are in a class, so they are not confidential. For one to one private work 'Get Sorted' is the program for you.

Find out more by downloading the timetable here :


 3) 'Get Sorted', which is proving to be an excellent package for confidential one to one support consists of: 

a) A one to one assessment talk which will give you an insight into your state of being in the present moment. This is vitally important so you know what is actually going on in your real world now, both within and around you. This can give you incredible clarity just in itself so you can start to improve your performance in all areas of your life straight away

b) Training materials for you to study online or offline in your own time at home

c) A bi weekly chat which will show you how to apply and recognise the learnings you have been show and taught in stages a) and b).

4) The online Academy courses. These are for people who are interested in the study to increase their leadership and deeply examine their own personal development; mission, purpose, consciousness, innovation and creation. The first free taster course is here:

Click below for testimonials for 'Get Sorted' and other projects that the EDM has developed over the years. Please email to book an appointment to discuss joining the program.

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