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  • Energy and Information - the most basic part of us

  • What happens to us when we are operating in 'separation' from within.

  • How to identify, remember and connect with your mind

  • What 'who you are' is and why knowing this is important

  • What has happened to our humanity in this modern world

  • How to find our fragmented pieces.

  • Beginning from now

'This show gives us an insight the world and his wife is due'

'Thank you Jenn, it was a very interesting show....I am waiting for the second, third and fourth part'

'It was very informative and I really enjoyed it x'

'Loved your vibrancy, enthusiasm and drive to help humanity. I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and felt safe to express myself. Thank you'

'It was Brilliant! Creative and very visual.'

'Loved the way you used sculptures and objects to interact during the show'

Comments after first Show, June 2021

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