Programs for 2021

From January 1st, 2021, the EDM Academy will be running three main programs: the Leadership 'Get Sorted' one to one program, the four one to one exploratory tutorials and the EDM Support Group.


The EDM Support Group is held with Evie Lorgen, established author, therapist and healer from the USA, is a great way to start learning about the EDM in a safe and nurturing space to share, connect and develop with fellow like minded people. The next one starts in April so check out this program and find out more information, by clicking here.

The four one to one exploratory tutorials are designed to enable you to start understanding the challenges that we face as humans, in this modern world construct. By exploring 'who you are', feelings, emotions, the mind and our imagination, these four tutorials will give you a real map to plan your new way forward without sacrificing any of your integrity, authenticity or feelings. For more information please click here


Students who enrol for the Leadership 'Get Sorted' Program will receive training and teaching using the online EDM courses. 'Get Sorted' students will have weekly one to one tutorials which will look at how to apply the ideas taught to them to their own personal situations.

There are three levels for the Leadership 'Get Sorted' program.

1) 'Understanding Yourself' Level 1 (Beginners). Topics covered: Individual 'Energy Dynamic Analysis', examination of the role of the mind, defining 'who are you', understanding what human energy is, looking at relationships and the environment around you, discovering emotional blocks, introducing the idea of 'Power Needs', understanding how anger is created, looking at how to heal yourself, the role of balancing your own grief instead of healing. Key experiences include improved resilience, emotional self awareness, clarity on the situation you are in, understanding of your personal behaviours / patterns and repeats. Usual length of program: 1 month. Online courses taken: 'Core Motivational Training' and 'Understanding Anger'.

2) 'Making Sense of Everything'. Level 1 (Advanced). Topics covered: Improving your life experience by changing what you are doing in specific circumstances e.g. family / work / mental health, learning how to troubleshoot and solution find using the EDM Analysis framework, improved understanding of how people operate, clarity on personal mission / purpose, enhanced awareness of opportunities. general improved well being. Usual length of program: 2 months. Online courses taken: 'Making Sense of Everything'.

3)'All About the Mind'. Level 2. Topics covered: Individual EDM Mind Assessment, understanding of how to reduce stress, becoming more effective in day to day life, ability to create situations whereby others succeed, improved relationships, quieter / calmer mind, better concentration / sleeping / wellbeing, understanding of mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, OCD, Imposters Syndrome, self harm, Dissociative disorders, eating disorders. Usual length of program: 1 month. Online courses taken: 'Understanding the Mind', 'Understanding Stress', 'Understanding Anxiety'.

After the 'Get Sorted' program is completed, Leadership Level 3 (Advanced) can be under taken by. joining the weekly EDM Master Class. Topics from the previous levels can be looked at in reference to a focus on innovation, imagination, improved personal performance at work / sports / art, developing other people, creating social change. This is an ongoing class and students can be part of this for as long as they wish.

Click below for testimonials for the Leadership 'Get Sorted' and other projects that the EDM has developed over the years. 

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