Buy your own EDM Power Tower and show others this hugely powerful way to understand themselves.

For both professionals and individuals at home.


Used by:

MIND Llanelli

Brynhawel Rehab Centre, Bridgend

Lisa Davies,  Entrepenuer and Motivator.


Pictures show professionals with their very own EDM Power Towers. The Towers can be used with most students or clients, including young people, whatever their learning style. Excellent for explaining concepts to do with leadership, innovation and mental health.


The EDM Power Towers are handmade from wood and paint and come with copper 'blanks' so you can show different states of being. The yellow EDM Power Tower in the first picture where there are 'blanks' is showing a state of jealousy / envy and can be used to explain why people bully each other. The second picture shows a withdrawn / disassociative state.Two online courses come with the EDM Power Tower which shows you lesson plans and explains everything about the model and also includes PDFs which can be printed off and used in training as well as quizzes and videos.


The EDM Power Tower works because it literally shows you what was previosuly unseen as regards 'who you are', feelings, emotions and the mind. It also engages with the right hand side of the brain, which understands the world through experiences and intutition. It provides a framework which will enable your clients or students to actually see why and how people work.


To be able to use the EDM Power Tower in your business or organisation you need to take the first two courses in the EDM online Academy and also have a months training which involves 4 one to ones. The cost of this is an extra £275. Once this is completed, you will be given a certificate from the EDM Academy showing that you have completed the training and have reached the standard level of understanding required.


Registered design in the UK number 6047494.


Please contact me to discuss , You can order any colours you would like - postage may be added to the price if it is over £10. Thanks

EDM Power Tower Complete


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