A Mini EDM Power Tower is what we all need on our desks and window sills so we can not only start to see what is going on within ourselves, but can also have an impactful symbol of what it means to be human around us in our every day.


It will help you 



CONCENTRATE....... which together, enables you to make good decisions, build up resilience and to keep on track during your life journey. The EDM Power Towers are an excellent aidwith which to contemplate your situations and are perfect at helping you connect with your self.


They are as tall as a pencil, handmade from wood and paint and come with copper 'blanks' so you can show different states of being.


As well as the Mini EDM Power Tower (usual price £130) and copper blanks, this package includes:


A handmade bag made out of recycled material ( not sold separatly) 

For you to either keep the copper blanks safe inside it while the Power Tower is displayed, or to pop the Mini Power Tower in if you are moving around. 


A free online course

A deep dive into the workings of the  EDM looking at how we can create our optimal state of being by using the  EDM Power Tower. 12  lessons include PDFs which can be printed off as well as quizzes and videos. This course can be kept for a year if you pay £5 and other follow on courses are availaable too. These look at all human related experiences including the mind, emotion, anxiety, anger, creativity and the imagination. Case studies are used primarily as the way of teaching.


The EDM text books. ( usual price £15 for both )

The first book is available at the moment as a PDF and the second one is now a paperback. The second EDM text book is the main resource for the online courses and provides a very comprehensive guide to understanding all of the EDM ideas. 


2 One to One sessions ( usual price £50 per session )

To explain, explore and discover more about the EDM and how this can be used by yourself in your day to day life, two one to one sessions are available for you with Jennifer Foster as the tutor. To be booked at your convience.


**The Mini EDM Power Tower works because it literally shows you what was previosuly unseen as regards 'who you are', feelings, emotions and the mind. It also engages with the right hand side of the brain, which understands the world through experiences and intutition. It provides a framework which will enable you to actually see why and how people work. **


Registered design in the UK number 6047494.

Each EDM Power Tower has its own number.


Please contact me to discuss , You can order any colours you would like - postage may be added to the price if it is over £10. Thanks

Mini EDM Power Tower complete package


    The Energy Dynamic Model

    An Alternative to Mainstream Psychology