A complete 'DIY' Mini Power Tower - a 3D puzzle kit that will intrigue anyone who is interested in understanding human nature and who fancies turning their hand to some imaginative circle decorating....

This puzzle set comes with the 10 circles representing the 10 Power Needs, a consciousness circle and an earth base circle, all fully sanded down and ready to draw or paint on by yourself. Also included is a wooden Stick self ( 'who you are') which you can enjoy writing on and spacers to put inbetween. FULL and easy instructions included as well as a free online course which will explain the deeper workings of the EDM Power Tower.

You will need to complete the EDM Power Tower at home by having these items to hand:


Paints / decorations for the circles

Sharpy pen for writing


The most profound 3D puzzle you will ever find.....

Make Your Own EDM Power Tower


    The Energy Dynamic Model

    An Alternative to Mainstream Psychology