An all day EDM Power Tower Party, hosted in beautiful Wales by the sea in Burry Port.

Your EDM Power Tower will have been made for you - but without the words or Stick Self carving. 

At the Party we will spend the morning looking at 'Who You Are', doing group and one to one exercises discovering and beginning to love these elements of ourselves, and then either carving or writing the symbols on the Stick Self together. After a walk on the beach and a light lunch, we will return to base to look at our Power Needs and spend the rest of the afternoon drawing, writing and personalising the Power Towers.

These Parties will help you totally reconnect to your true self, allow to you explore what makes you feel good and what you need to reach your potential.

All ages welcome, but the groups will be split into children and adults and held on different days.

Beginning in September 2022

Up to 5 people per Party.

EDM Power Tower Parties ( Wales)


    The Energy Dynamic Model

    An Alternative to Mainstream Psychology