The first step of the EDM experience, the full 'Core Motivational Training'  is available for you now. It begins with a bang because the very first thing we need to know before we start moving forward or developing, is to know what our situation is, both within and around ourselves at this exact moment. Why? Because there is no point in learning a knowledge unless you know how it applies to yourself. Otherwise it is merely a 'theory'and can lead into into a false sense of security whereby you 'think' you know more than you do....

So, to start discovering whats going on within your own being you need to do an Energy Dynamic questionnaire which, once analysed, gives you the baseline knowledge of yourself including the state of your mind, spirit and feelings. By examining these features and also studying this within the context of your environment, this analysis will give you a complete understanding of how you are operating now and what this means in regards to your life experience. Once you have received this report, a one to one consultation with Jennifer will reveal your next steps towards improving your personal performance.

After you have completed this, the online course 'Core Motivational Training' is next. This explains in detail the theory, the general way, in which the mind. spirit and body all fit together for everybody with no exceptions. You will gain astonishing insight into emotional and negative behaviours and be able to see exactly why people may repeat negative actions, be addicted to drama and struggle to create positive relationships.

Buy this training now and recieve the questioaire straight away via your email. Fill it in and email it back OR if you would prefer, you can make an appointment with Jennifer to talk through it one to one.

See you in the Academy!


Core Motivational Training


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