Clear Your Swamp.


Why? Because you want to be content? Because you want to find happiness? Because you want to earn more money? No.




You need to clear your swamp. Because you need to get rid of your grief. Because once you get rid of your grief, you can actually connect to who you are. And once you can connect to who you are, you can understand yourself. You can understand what you're doing, what you're feeling, what your mind's doing, what your Energy Dynamic is and how you're operating.




When you can understand yourself, you can then take in all the information that is coming to you. You can use all your skills and talents to put yourself into a position where you can connect to other people in a proper way, and sort out the issues or problems you may be having in your life. You will be able to do this in a functional way.




We need to nurture and care for each other. We need to connect up to each other. When we do this, you can do ‘you’ and other people can do ‘them’. This is how innovation and progress happens. This is how we start to create a better world. This is how we are different to AI. And we need to remember this and nurture this part of being human.




You can only be as free as the other people around you are free. To do this we need to understand ourselves. This first step starts with you. The second step is applying your knowledge. The third step is when others start to see what you are doing and being…… You will begin to find your natural friends and start to support and develop projects and ideas.




You have to clear your swamp to do this. You have to get rid of your grief to do this.


Not because you want to be content, but because it's the only way to go forward. It's the only way you will gain clarity about yourself. Looking at feeling content and feeling happiness are all distractions.






A potential client said to me, ‘Well, what do you feel like’? I replied, ‘I just feel not bad. But because I feel not bad, I can get on with doing what I'm doing. I can get on with understanding what's around me, making good decisions, connecting to people in a way that feels really good. But that in itself doesn't give me personal contentment. It just shows me that I'm in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing with the right people. And that is a feeling more like going home and being able to fulfil your mission and purpose. It is a very calm feeling and strengthened feel, protected feel because you've got people around you that you can link up with and connect with and that feels good.


But it's very hard to do this because you will be going against the mainstream flow. It's very hard and you need to have that resilience and strengthen, that power, by understanding who you are, by understanding what makes you tick, by understanding what you need to do next and by understanding how to make sure the relationships around you work for you, and are good for you. And if they're not so good, how to put up a boundary, how to say no. How to make the most of the people in your life without judgement, without pride, without anger, without going into destructive mode. How to keep the people in your circle in a kind and humble way so you can make sure that you can all work together without harming the connection, without harming the whole.


You can't try and find contentment and you can't try and find happiness because you will be looking in the wrong direction. It's not about your own health or your own well being or your own meditation or your own anything because it's it is actually about how you feel in your relationships with yourself and with other people. And from that everything follows.


So remember, don't get into this separation idea that contentment is all about you. Don't get into the separation idea where happiness is what you need to do to be successful. Throw that away along with the other garbage.


Clean your swamp. Master yourself. And then you can start to work towards connecting to others and to yourself in a way that makes you feel like you're on the way home.


Jennifer Foster, Creator of Energy Dynamic Model, Aug 2020





‘Clear Your Swamp’ is a crash course in the Energy Dynamic Model. Focussing on the practical and real life examples, this fast track experience will get you to realise how you can start to create a life that reflects your own unique self.


The online courses in the Energy Dynamic Model Academy will take you much further along the path by teaching you all about the energetic makeup of your grief, emotions and feelings.


‘Clear Your Swamp’ is a good introduction to the idea and concentrates on your general day to day lifestyle in a pragmatic way and looks at real world topics such as work, relationships and family and examines how you can reduce anxiety and anger in these situations.


The materials include:


  •  This instruction booklet which will guide you through the information.
  • A workbook with written exercises for you.
  • 16 video exercises.
  • Transcripts of all the video exercises in them. They make a book in themselves if you clip them together.
  • ‘The Way Forward’ text book which is used for all the EDM courses and consists of two volumes; Parts 1 and 2 of the Energy Dynamic Model.
  • Extra videos which you may find useful to complement the exercises and reading.


The package is available as a hard copy or an online version with the information in PDF documents and links to the videos.




Clear Your Swamp (Digital)


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