You are your own Art Piece..

'A Couple of Hours with Me'

Take part in this comedic play hosted by 'The Voice' and 'Zig 'N' Zag' - the research assistants - and learn a very simple way to understand how people work.

Topics covered:

a) Where you are living on a human energy - previously invisible -  level. You will be taking part in an 'Imagitation' which will allow you to see exactly what you are doing energy wise. See the video to experience it for the first time now.
b) The relationship between mind / who you are /spirit. Discovering this literally unbelievable relationship by making a conceptual art piece using a piece of paper.
d) Leaving your mind......Another 'Imagitation' will allow you to get to know your mind, and see how to connect in a kind and humble way with yourself so you can begin to experience harmony within.
e) Finding your fragmented pieces. Using glass jars, the EDM Power Towers and Stick Self ( scultures) to see where your really important parts of you that create your soveriegn self have disappeared to.
d) How to gather up your missing bits and experience unity within yourself. Group exercise whereby you all start to build up your own EDM Power Tower and see how to reclaim back your own power.


After this, there will be the opportunity to watch a film and casually chat with Jennifer as she packs up. This will be for half an hour.


There will be the EDM Text Books and EDM Power Towers for sale.


Shows in England, next one Slough 16 June at 10am - 12.30


See address and more info in the email you recieve when you buy a place.

Only 10 places per Show at only £10 per person

Professionals in wellbeing and interested individuals welcome

'A Couple Of Hours With Me'