This online group is ongoing and is especially designed to be there for the advanced students to continue their magical journeys as they complete the ‘Get Sorted’ or group programs.


  • To assist advanced students to continue to practice the EDM idea in their lives.
  • To allow us to continue to connect and support each other during these times
  • To continue the learning of EDM knowledge through talks, discussion and question / answers


Starting from 19th February, the group will be held once a week either on a Friday or a Tuesday evening from 6.30pm – 8pm London time.


The cost is £7.50 per group. Places can be booked on the website via the online shop under the relevant date. You can book your place up to four weeks in advance.

Group Structure:

The group of up to 10 students will be hosted by Jennifer initially and will begin with approximately 45 mins for the students to share a situation / issue that they face in their lives. Maximum 2 people can share per group so please email Jennifer in advance if you want to be one of these people. Jennifer will give an EDM Analysis of this situation and suggest various ways forward. The next 30 mins will be spent listening to a short, 15 mins video Jennifer will have prepared about a specific topic from the EDM followed by a 15 break where you will be able to absorb and think about any questions / get a cup of tea etc. Then for the last 30 mins any questions about the video can be asked and we can generally chat.

Other bits and pieces

  • This is a drop in group so there is no obligation to attend every week. However, if you attend 3 out of 4 meetings then you will be entitled to arrange up to two one to ones with Jennifer for one hour at a very reduced price of £25, during the following month.
  • By attending the group you are agreeing to the contract which will be emailed to you when you have paid for your place. This outlines the conduct and conditions of the group and includes information regarding confidentiality.
  • To join the group you must have taken all 6 online courses in the EDM Academy which are based on the text books, and have had at least 4 one to ones with Jennifer OR attended a 6 week group course co hosted by Jennifer.



23/03/21 EDM Online Master Class


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