Hi there, I'm Jennifer, creator of the Energy Dynamic Model (EDM). This page is to tell you a little bit about me and why I've spend most of my life unraveling the mystery of what we, as people, are here to do in this modern world.














So, here goes. I spent the early years of my life quite happily with my family but slowly started to see that there were many behaviours and rules around in society that to me, just didn't make sense. By the time I reached my teens I was scribbling down stick figures to try and work out exactly what people were feeling and doing. This fascination of mine drew me towards theatre and performing which I absolutely loved. However, I felt there was more to discover about life and people so I went to Polytechnic and ended up with 2 degrees in Analytical and Critical  Economics. This showed me that the economic systems of the world were in fact a man made created construct and weren't actually set in stone so to speak. After this I worked in the mental health and disability arena and I discovered that what was being taught to these people and how they were being helped was, again, to me, total nonsense. 












So I decided to work out what was going on by studying how people did actually function and why they were being manipulated and not told the truth. I set up my own business and for ten years worked privately with business people, millionaires, drug addicts, families, corporate companies and children and in 2009 I finished my own research. I then spent 10 more years writing two books with my completed findings in them and then set up an online Academy and made the EDM Power Towers. These are 3D sculptures which show the 'who are you' and feeling part of a person. Finally, the whole puzzle of how your spirit, mind and body work together was put together in 2020 which means it is now possible to examine, study and find where your own puzzle piece fits into this amazing jigsaw. 


My lastest work can be found on youtube. I've been looking at showing how people's freedom is about to be lost if we don't start understanding how we work as human beings. If we are not careful, and do not start to grasp how important it is to remain human, we will all be turned into robots in the next few years. Click here to view them.

'Stick Man' figures  - Find out what you look like on the Core Motivational Training course 

The EDM Sculptures 

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