Hi there, I'm Jennifer, creator of the Energy Dynamic Model (EDM) and the teacher of the Leadership online classes. This page is to tell you a little bit about me and why I've spend most of my life unraveling the mystery of what we, as people, are here to do in this modern world.





So, here goes. I spent the early years of my life quite happily with my family but slowly started to see that there were many behaviours and rules around in society that to me, just didn't make sense. By the time I reached my teens I was scribbling down stick figures to try and work out exactly what people were feeling and doing. This fascination of mine drew me towards theatre and performing which I absolutely loved. However, I felt there was more to discover about life and people so I went to Polytechnic and ended up with BSc and MA degrees in Analytical and Critical Economics. These courses taught me that the economic systems of the world were in fact a man made created construct and weren't actually set in stone so to speak. After this I worked in the mental health and disability arena and I discovered that the services provided to these people and how they were being helped was, again, to me, not focussing on the true potential of us as human beings. 




So I decided to work out what was going on by studying how people did actually function and why / how they were being affected by our modern society construct. I set up my own business and for ten years worked privately with business people, millionaires, drug addicts, families, corporate companies and children and in 2009 I finished my own research. I then spent 10 more years writing two books with my completed findings in them, making the EDM Power Towers and then setting up this online Academy in 2017. After experimenting with all these online and physical resources, I decided to put them all together to create an incredible value for money program to teach people exactly how they can and need to 'work'  in order to have the best life they possibly can. Providing a very quick and easy way to gain a huge amount of self awareness, I named this the Online Leadership Courses COMPLETE program.  For business owners, individuals who want to explore their meaning / purpose and mission in this world, and creatives, this program is an excellent way to make the most of your ability to thrive in the world today.

The EDM Academy is also working closely with Mpowa, a start up business which will look to providing clean technology and leadership training to communities in countries who are experiencing need in the arenas of drinkable water and sustainable electricity, and Karen Mander, spiritual teacher who is creating a new School of the New Earth where real life teaching, workshops and retreats will be available soon.  

'Stick Man' figures  - Find out what you look like on the Core Motivational Training course 

The EDM Sculptures