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'This is my second show featuring the work of Jennifer Foster.  I contacted her and told her I wanted to discuss economics, from the point of view of her understanding of the 'Energy Dynamic Model '. An hour later, she had me deeply questioning my own life, my own concepts of who I am.  I had this very strange feeling that she knew SO MUCH ABOUT ME and yet, I had said almost nothing to reveal my life.  Finally, I just said, "to heck with economics, let's talk about what you have just taught me".  To my listeners, this show is for you.  This show is to help you, me, all of us in this community, find our way home to who we are.  You're going to love it!'

Neal Kruise, Host Of The Radio Neal Show, California, USA



  • How to SEE and UNDERSTAND emotion, feelings, who you are, the role of the imagination and the role of the mind.

  • Be taught how to focus on your IMAGINATION, so increasing your good feelings, creativity, vision and knowledge; instead of focussing on your mind which is erroneously taught to be the most powerful part of you.

This information is unique, effective and is excellent to help clients, staff, service users or family/ friends understand how trauma affects a person and how to deal with and start to recover from the associated mental health conditions including:


a) Anxiety / Panic

b) Anger

c) Self harm

d) Associative disorders

e) Depression

Live speaking events so far:

Swansea Social Services. 29/ 05 / 19

'I can see how people are feeling this.  Can we train some staff?'

Probation Llanelli 18/ 06/ 19

'We are looking for new ideas and this looks great.'

Community Cafe in Trostre 24 / 06 / 19

'This has blown my mind. Lets put on a workshop!'

Mind Llanelli 11/ 07 /19

'Powerful and strong visual learning'

Info Day for public Llanelli 12 /07 / 19

'Excellent. Informative. Encouraging'

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