What is the Energy Dynamic Model?

This really works! Jennifer Foster, founder of the EDM is an amazing new thinker seeing right to the truth of how our energy works’.

Oona Fergusson, Author of ‘Brilliance of Feelings’ and worldwide healer / trainer January 2019


The Energy Dynamic Model (or EDM for short) is a new and intuitive way to understand how people work. Developed over the last 25 years, it is current, useful and relevant to the modern day world we live in.














The EDM works very well with clients who are looking to reduce anger and is very helpful in cases of trauma, abuse, drug addiction and self harming. Young people, children, creative people and down to earth clients find the EDM extremely enlightening.


**It is excellent for helping clients understand how they, as people, can thrive in this modern day world.**

‘This is a treasure which I am convinced will help humanity get back on their feet. The Energy Dynamic Model lays the groundwork for a new and very accessible way to work with and understand the mind body spirit dynamic. In just a few sessions I discovered things about myself which completes part of a rather complex puzzle.’

David Fergusson, UK October 2018 ‘


Professionals in the theraputic / training / teaching / healing arenas can be trained to use this model by either taking online courses at the EDM Academy or by attending special one day training days. Once they have reached the necessary levels of competence, they can then add the EDM to their tool kit of resources in order to enhance the service they can offer their clients.


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