What is the Energy Dynamic Model?

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My name is Jennifer. The Energy Dynamic Model was created by myself when I was researching how the idea of consciousness and 'who you are' fits into this modern world. It took over 25 years. Once it was finished, I started to work on making this information tangible and accessible for others. This began in 2010 and by using videos, drawing, writing and sculptures I finally created enough material to make six online courses which, step by step, showed people how to understand themselves 

By using these visual methods to show how human nature is put together, previously invisible notions such as emotions, feelings and 'who you are' can now be revealed. Here's a short video explaining how this is done.












I started out on this exploration because I found that the emphasis given to the 'mind', emotion, money, status and success in our lives today had, in my opinion, brought us to the brink of extinction as caring and loving human beings. By becoming so distanced from our true nature and potential, the key concept of our natural human sovereignty has been forgotten. It has been my life's focus to rediscover and bring these ancient wisdoms back into the forefront of our attention. We need to start understanding how to create a better life for ourselves and others before it is too late.


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Although the EDM does focus on raising consciousness, the Academy courses will also help you with:

  • Reducing stress

  • Dealing with anxiety

  • Improving your resilience

  • Discovering yourself


I've done a lot of self-development, spiritual practices and other mind and emotional therapies but I've never experienced anything like the ENERGY DYNAMIC MODEL. It's such a relief to find Jennifer Foster .

She has developed this course over 25 years of observing and working with people of all backgrounds, addictions, problems,  beliefs and experiences ....with great success .

The main thing I'd say is that this is not forced on you and the healing happens purely and organically over time. Once you have the knowledge and understanding , its quite magical

The result is more peace, contentment and a feeling of coming home to yourself .

Debbie Miller, April 2020

'Could you run workshops for us looking at building up resilience?'

The Manager, MIND Llanelli January 2020

'We would like you to hold workshops here this year!'

Educational Manager, Braziers Park, Oxfordshire, March 2020

This is a treasure which I am convinced will help humanity get back on their feet. The Energy Dynamic Model lays the groundwork for a new and very accessible way to work with and understand the mind body spirit dynamic. In just a few sessions I discovered things about myself which completes part of a rather complex puzzle.’

David Fergusson, UK October 2018 

This really works! Jennifer Foster, founder of the EDM is an amazing new thinker seeing right to the truth of how our energy works’.

Oona Fergusson, Author of ‘The Brilliance of Your Feelings’ and worldwide healer / trainer January 2019

Entrepreneurs, young people, teachers, therapists, health care professionals, children, creative and down to earth individuals are just some of the 100s of people who have found the EDM extremely enlightening.

The EDM is used world wide by both organisations and therapists / healers / teachers including MIND in the UK and rehabilitation centres in Wales. 

Download the beginning of the PDF book '2020 The Way Forward' to find out more about the programe. 





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